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Jul 16, 2010

Time Between Dog n Wolf

Salam bloggers...

hermmm...lame x blogging kot...huhu...

tgk entry tu...tu sbnrnyer tjuk cite korea...ade sesapa penah tgk??

ney pic2 dye...

ney plak hero dye yg encem...^^

yg tu style dye dlm cite tu...[^^]

yg ney plak pic dye yg len2...

tunjuk sket2 je la ...penat ltk byk2...hoho...

ney plak 3 aktor plus aktres lam cite tu...

ade sape2 yg korunk knl??

ney tentang citer dye...

Title: Time Between Dog and Wolf (개와 늑대의 시간)
Broadcast: MBC
Air Date: Jul 18, 2007 - Sep 06, 2007
Episodes: 16
Cast: Lee Joon-Ki (이준기), Nam Sang-Mi (남상미), Jung Kyung-Ho (정경호),

Lee Soo-Hyun (Lee Joon-Ki) is a carefree kid living in Thailand with his mother. When his mother, who happens to be on the Thailand Police force, helps capture some criminals, the mafia leader decides to take revenge. During a celebratory dinner, the gang member walks in and shoots her to death right in front of Soo-Hyun’s eyes! When the gang member points his gun towards Soo-Hyun and realizes he’s his daughter’s close friend, he decides not to kill him.

Thirteen years later, Soo-Hyun is working in the NIS as a field agent, alongside Kang Min-Ki (Jung Kyung-Ho). As it turns out, Min-Ki’s father adopted Soo-Hyun as his own son after the brutal shooting of his mother. Although Soo-Hyun has always been an overachiever at everything he does, Min-Ki has been nothing more than a playboy, who finds pleasure in hitting on girls. Ironically, he ends up hitting on a girl named Suh Ji-Woo (Nam Sang-Mi) who happens to be Soo-Hyun’s childhood friend from Thailand! Little do they know, Ji-Woo is actually the daughter of the mafia leader that murdered Soo-Hyun’s mother. To make matters worse, Min-Ki has a crush on Ji-Woo, and Ji-Woo has a crush on Soo-Hyun!

One day, Soo-Hyun is working undercover as a waiter when he recognizes one of the gang members at the restaurant as the culprit who killed his mother! He loses his sanity and in a fit of rage, chases after him. The gang member puts Soo-Hyun in a head lock and empties out his gun. When Soo-Hyun recovers, he grabs the gun and fires a blank shot at the gang member. The incident is caught on camera and Soo-Hyun is forced to leave the NIS.

Soo-Hyun decides to take matters into his own hands and takes off to Thailand to find the gang member. Although he tries to take off in secret, Ji-Woo learns about the trip and follows him there. The two of them end up sharing the same room and their feelings towards each other grow stronger. Meanwhile, Min-Ki steals some files from the NIS database and sends it to Soo-Hyun.

As Soo-Hyun begins his search for the gang member, Ji-Woo tries everything in her power to stop him. Unfortunately, Soo-Hyun has passed the point of sanity and wants nothing more than to avenge his mother’s death.

Will Soo-Hyun risk Ji-Woo’s life in order to seek revenge? And what will happen to their relationship when the truth about Ji-Woo’s father is revealed?

Lee Joon-Ki (이준기)
Role: Lee Soo-Hyun (이수현), NIS Field Agent
Name: Lee Joon-Ki (이준기)
About: Soo-Hyun has had one of the worst childhoods imaginable. His father died at a young age and his mother was shot to death right before his eyes! He gets adopted into Min-Ki’s family, and through their love is able to come to terms with his past. He grows up being an overachiever, and eventually becomes an NIS Field Agent.

One day, Soo-Hyun sees the gang member who killed his mother and attempts to kill him. He gets kicked out of the NIS and decides to go to Thailand to track down the killer. Much to his surprise, Ji-Woo is on the same plane as him! Although he has feelings for Ji-Woo, he shuts her out of his life so he can deal with his problems alone.

As Soo-Hyun begins a reckless search for his mother’s killer, he begins putting his and Ji-Woo’s life in danger…

How far will Soo-Hyun go to seek revenge?
Nam Sang-Mi (남상미)

Role: Suh Ji-Woo (서지우), Art Director
Name: Nam Sang-Mi (남상미)
About: Ji-Woo grew up in Thailand with her mother and father. Although her father is a cruel mafia leader, she is too young to understand what a mafia is. She meets Soo-Hyun and falls in love with him at an early age. When her mother decides to runaway from her mafia father with another man, she is forced to part way with Soo-Hyun. Shortly after, her father ends up killing Soo-Hyun’s mother in cold blood.

Thirteen years later Ji-Woo becomes re-united with Soo-Hyun in Korea. Although he claims not to have feelings for her, she decides not to give up on him. All the while, Min-Ki tries everything he can to sway her heart towards him.

One day, Ji-Woo secretly reads a text on Soo-Hyun’s phone and realizes he is going to Thailand. She decides to follow him there and ends up sharing the same room with him. As she tries to figure out what’s going on in Soo-Hyun’s head, she begins to realize his problem is not as simple as she initially thought…

Will Ji-Woo stand by Soo-Hyun’s side to the end?
Jung Kyung-Ho (정경호)

Role: Kang Min-Ki (강민기), NIS Researcher / Agent
Name: Jung Kyung-Ho (정경호)
About: Min-Ki is tall, handsome, and a great sweet-talker. Although he works in the NIS doing top secret government work, his real interest lies in girls. He is the complete opposite from his father, who takes his job at the NIS very seriously.

During one of Min-Ki’s NIS training sessions, he sees Ji-Woo and ditches his session to be with her. Although she initially rejects him, he ends up finding her in an art gallery and gets her business card. He immediately falls head-over-heels for her but is dismayed when he makes the realization that she is only interested in Soo-Hyun.

One day, Min-Ki is watching over NIS field footage when he sees a clip of Soo-Hyun firing his gun at a defenseless gang member. Before he’s able to turn off the tape, his superior sees the footage and calls together a meeting. During the meeting, Min-Ki is shocked to learn the truth about the gang member’s connection to Soo-Hyun’s past. Soo-Hyun gets kicked out of the NIS and Min-Ki tries to console him. His attempts are unsuccessful as Soo-Hyun ends up going to Thailand.

When Soo-Hyun gets himself into trouble in Thailand, Min-Ki finds himself suddenly assuming the role of an NIS Field Agent in order to help save Soo-Hyun.

Does Min-Ki have what it takes to be an NIS Field Agent?

k la...stakat ney dlu...psl cite ney...^^

tekan like anda pasti jadi lagi cute dari adik anda

2 miRacLe! 0ucH! ^^:

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okeh cam best je citer ni,plus ade pelakon SMILE, :D

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