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The Blog: kawan saya masuk ward part 2




Jan 26, 2012

kawan saya masuk ward part 2


i scare if i lose u, miey
i don't want to lose my friend again

just like past year,
without knowing that she is dying
although we are not really close together
until i heard that she died that day
because of the same illness you've got

i scare if you not have strong immune to
fight against the illness
but i hope you will be alright

maybe people think i'm a bad person
but i never missed to message u

heartbeat fast,
i'm waiting, waiting, just waiting,
sitting in an empty room
trying to forget the past
this was never meant to last
i wish it wasn't so.

i'm happy when you message me
with happy text and smiley
you could even say "watlek", "its okay", "i'm fine"
but its outside of you
i don't know what inside you

be strong,

"never give up,
never surrender,
to infinity and beyond"
*ditaja oleh buzz lightyear from toy story* =P

purple note :     :'|

f0r ReaDing ^___^

tekan like anda pasti jadi lagi cute dari adik anda

2 miRacLe! 0ucH! ^^:

taniameow said...

may she get well soon .
send my regards to her eh ?
Allah loves her .

dik ! mishu ! mishu ! mishu ! (':

purplekyu^_^ said...

@taniameow thanks kak tania :)

mishu too kak tania :)