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Sep 22, 2012

that-so-called-life of mine :')

Waalaikumussalam. :D

People doesn't really know me.
and even if they know me,
they doesn't care for me .
and even if they care for me.
they doesn't really love me.

Firstly, the persons that doesn't really know me.
well, of course, this is about, the schoolmates, facebook friends, twitter followers, and even the bloggers
but that is a usual things that happens for the "non-hotstaff person" just like me. and i don't really care about it. because no one will care about it. hehe ^^

Secondly, the persons that even they know me, they doesn't really care for me.
haha, this always happen to me. i am really in this situation. hehe. for my friend, i am known as a friend. but just for fun or when they get into trouble. maybe they doesn't realise it, but i am.

Thirdly, the persons that they said or showed their care, i can say that they doesn't really love me just like i love them. but, i don't mind, on the outside :') haha.
hehe, this is about the family relationship. the 'kerabat'. i have many 'kerabat(s)'. without hesitantly, i have a really big family. from my aki's, my abah's father to his siblings. and also from my father's late mother's siblings. and thats not yet sum up with my mother's family members.
hehe, ya, its seem complicated with so many blood-related. but we feel happy with that kenikmatan that Allah gave for us. we can share a lot of happiness. we did a lot makan-makan together. went to a family day. and celebrated hari raya for every single year together..
this is not wrote by me. credit to the owner. thanks.  :)

The thought that "they doesn't really love me" got into my head bcos i knew, people often asking " where your daughter?" or "where your son?". they seem to be care. but they don't really love me. hehe^^

We seem to be not really close together,
and ya, we are not really close to each other :)
but in deep down of my heart, there are you. ^^

Purple note : sorry, for any of my english mistakes in this entry. i'm trying to be a better student to my teacher by writing in english to make my english much better. :)

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