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May 31, 2011

suju-m interview at Malaysia


ni masa interview suju-m kat malaysia...
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AFTER translation : (semestinya adabi! g0ogle translate!) :P

SJ-M joint visit to the Insider full version:

Q: Please share to Malaysia to participate in youth activities at the mood.
Eunhyuk: I thank the General Assembly's invitation, we are also young people, hope that we can have a good time!

Q: Please share the feelings of returning to Malaysia.
Eunhyuk: before the Super Show is coming to, we fell in love with this place in Kuala Lumpur, where the people are friendly, and Super Junior's song "Dancing Out" is also shot in Malaysia MV, very memorable.
Sungmin: Every time I feel very happy horse, Malaysia is very beautiful, is a place for sightseeing, the next time you want to travel to Malaysia as tourists.
Henry: (English) people here know how many languages, English, Cantonese, Chinese, Malay or Korean will be, no matter what that could be heard to understand, so every time to very happy.

Eunhyuk Chinese even the most impressive is the "ah"

Q: SJ-M Chinese market-oriented, please score for their Chinese ability. (Out of 10)
Kyuhyun: Let the silver He say! (Note: Eunhyuk and Sungmin is the latest member to join SJ-M)
Eunhyuk: (Chinese) to our party in Chinese ... ... 8 (8 points).
Sungmin: Well, we will take at least 10 minutes.

Q: The most impressive of the Chinese to let you what?
Kyuhyun: (Chinese) too outrageous!
Ryeowook: Taiwan's college students are fond of saying "very Terrier!"
Eunhyuk: We hear that most fans see us when the Chinese call the "ah!" Ha ha!

Q: Kyuhyun singing Chinese songs sound pretty standard, usually to learn how?
Kyuhyun: (Chinese) I was losing. We have good next to Zhou Mi and Henry will help us to answer, so my Chinese is moving backwards, huh, huh!

Q: The latest addition to the SJ-M's two handsome (Handsome) member Eunhyuk and Sungmin, and I feel how?
Ryeowook: handsome? Ha ha!
Eunhyuk: SJ-M, of course I was inside the guy, ha ha! We always want to join the SJ-M, have the opportunity to learn Chinese and also have the opportunity to live in Taiwan long, so enjoy very happy.

Zhou Mi hard show "half-baked" in Cantonese

Q: Henry a mate that?
Henry: (English) ... ah ... difficult to answer it! Ah ... if a good girl, you can get along with me, ah ... I do not know how to say, but I think the feeling at first glance is the most important.

Q: The album name is "perfect," Zhou Mi Which members of groups that Mr. Perfect?
Mi: (Cantonese) We are not the same style, but I prefer a natural and comfortable feeling.
Reporter: You can speak Chinese does not matter.
Mi: (Chinese) possible? In fact, I practice more than a year in Cantonese, but rarely used in Hong Kong, so no, it would like to come to Malaysia for a chance to say look, ha ha!

Q: The album's song "Happy sweet" is Jay's work, then you want to cooperate with Which Chinese singer do?
Kyuhyun: We've always loved Jay, this cooperation is very happy. If you have a chance, I hope that the future opportunity to work with Mei cooperation.
Mi: (Chinese) In fact, we are very familiar with the Malaysian singer, like Fish Leong, Z Chen, Guang Liang, etc., we now have in the discussion with Michael Wong, hopefully soon have the opportunity to co-operation.

Q: Henry and Zhou Mi in the album in their hand over the "confession" and "True Love" creation, the other members would also like to try writing it in the album?
Ryeowook: Well, if you can, I hope we can produce their own creative music.

Henry would like to get Grammy Awards

Q: Next, you will plan where to hold autograph session or concert?
Eunhyuk: The company does not yet determined the trip, but hope to visit Malaysia and to the whole Asia Entirely.
Sungmin: Super Junior's 5 series being prepared, I hope to have the opportunity to come to Malaysia when the publicity.

Q: Your work is busy schedule, how to live and work in the private sector to balance it?
Ryeowook: We fly almost every week to work in different places, but we do not completely treat it as work, in each place will encounter very friendly people, we enjoy looking for entertainment at work.

Q: You won many awards in the affirmative, what is the next most want awards?
Eunhyuk: I do not mind no matter what means Awards, Best Costume Award can ah! If the poster can be on the U.S. chart (Billboard Chart) to better! Ha ha!
Henry: That should Nage Lai Grammy and Academy Award! Ha ha!

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